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The Design Process

The Design Process

I. Preliminary Planning and Pricing

A. Review our design process and establish the general scope of work, total budget, and time frame for your project.

B. Schedule a site visit at the project location to:

1. Field measure the existing conditions, including room dimensions, window and door locations, and sizes.

2. Determine your design parameters including cabinet style and finish, accessories, counter top material, appliances, flooring, lighting, and other criteria that affect the project.

C. Develop and present to you the initial design and project budget.

Note: The preliminary planning and design is performed at no cost or obligation. However, all designs are retained by Annapolis Kitchen and Bath unless the design is purchased.

II. Design Development

A. Design development begins with a signed Design Agreement and deposit

1. The design deposit is 10% of the initial estimated cost of cabinets, countertops appliances, etc.

2. The deposit is non-refundable, but is fully applied to your cabinet purchase of $8,000.00 or more, provided your cabinet purchase is made within six months.

B. We will investigate different layouts and review finish and hardware options to make certain that each of the cabinets is placed and equipped exactly as desired.

C. We will help select appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, lighting and other finishes involved in your project.

D. Detailed floor plans, elevations, and updated pricing will be presented once the final design concept is completed.

III. Purchase, Production and Delivery

A. Final designs and product selection are approved by the client.

B. Purchase Agreements are signed for the cabinets and other products

1. Cabinet orders must be paid in full before production begins. The full amount of the design deposit is applied to the cabinet purchase.

2. Deposits for appliances, counter tops, and other products are made. These deposits vary depending on the product.

3. Payments made for the production of your cabinets are non-refundable once the cabinet order has gone into production.

4. Changes to your original cabinet order are not possible once the order has gone into production.

a. Changes will require an additional, paid in full, Purchase Agreement for the new cabinets.

b. Changes will result in significant delays in your project.

C. You receive copies of the approved drawings, product selections and Purchase Agreements.

D. We deliver and receive the cabinets and other products purchased. Client makes final payment on all outstanding balances on the day of delivery.

IV. Installation Phase

A. The Designer will meet with the installer or contractor to review the design and answer any questions regarding the installation.

B. If you purchased countertops from us the designer will meet the countertop manufacture at template and at installation to assure that all details are covered.